Wednesday, November 18, 2020

only a story


He was dying to meet her. I could tell. Maybe I'm a romantic at heart, but the way he looked at her I knew. Yeah, I know these things. I guess he was too smart to know. I mean, somebody like him was one to never say hello. Perhaps he knew, she'd go for anything.

Her biggest flaw. Yeah, some people can't handle my friend Daisy. After all, she is a party girl. Some days she might hate the world and feel like shit, but mention a party and that girl is there.

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm her wing girl, but I usually come along to make sure she gets out alive. That's what friends do. Of course, I haven't found a friend like that. And the pay is zero and sometimes I might hate her as much as I love her. But I am on stand by. A true friend, hoping one day she might notice.

Of course, she calls at three in the morning high as kite telling me she loves and one day we'll live together when we are old and gray. Yeah, just what I want to wake up to. 

But this time, this time I think it might work out for her. I think he's the one. He's bright maybe even cool, sitting there in BAND studying her. I can't help but smile. I don't remember seeing him before. I think they'd get each other. Maybe even start their own band. He probably plays guitar. She is always needing someone to play guitar. Yeah, it would be the best. I just know it.

Only, she walks right on by and our eyes meet. He's smiling at me. How can that be? I wince as if I've got something in my eye. I almost chock on my own breath. He's coming over to me. Probably to borrow a pencil. No. 

He cracks a laugh. "Weren't you in choir?"

I'm losing my senses fast. I don't know if I can speak. I nod. 

"I used to stand right behind you," he says.

"Oh," I smile, but a little too awkward.

"We should hang out," he nods. I nod back. Maybe it's time I go solo.


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