Friday, March 5, 2021

Henry & Josie

 Josie swore Henry changed completely after his last seizure which was over a year ago now.

"It's like living with a new man," she smiles now since she's finally adjusted to who he is. "For the longest time, he was so silent. I was afraid he'd have to go to rehab, but he was just quiet Henry. " She laughs, thinking how he used to be. "I mean, he's always so enthusiastic about everything. Always full of surprises." She shrugs, not sure what else she can say about her husband. "We've known each other since high school. I know some think he's the last person I would ever be with, and I guess they are right." Henry takes her hand and holds it as if they are still only going out. He smiles. "You've changed a whole lot too." "Well, we've had two kids, you know," Josie beams, a mommy of girl and a boy. He nods as if he remembers the other one they never talk about. "I always wanted to make her smile. She wasn't in the best situation when we met." Henry remains even lipped. "But, things change. And we haven't given up."


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