Saturday, March 20, 2021

Lockdown Diary

 Seriously, I was having the roughest of days down at the Cafe. Milly who runs the place is going through the change, evidently. I dunno. Hot flashes, that sort of thing. She can be in such a mood that it wears us all down, even the dishwasher was disgruntled having to help out with chopping veg.

Of course, I seriously thought she'd give me some slack. After all, I was bringing in the business back then. Back before the masks were snapped on and they told us to all go home. We were thriving then. I just didn't know, until later. 

Yeah, I remember the day I met Maxie. Of course, I took a double-take. I was only out to look at the cakes to see if any were gone. I knew the "lunchbox" aka baby cakes were popular. This chef does her homework. I also dream of mangos from time to time, too. Yes, it isn't easy baking cakes.

So there he was and he orders right away as if he's ready to stay awhile. Oh, it put me off. Only he was fit. Such a fifty and it was embarrassing to linger. Of course, I would get his tea. I mean, there was this modern-day Heathcliff. I was smitten. 

And his sister chats me up. I couldn't help but smile. At least someone knew about the bakeoff in London. So of course, I want to help her. That's what you do. Sell those cakes. My precious cakes. Every one, moist with a special buttercream frosting.

And then when I looked at him, I thought I might pass out. I remember now where I saw him. I was at a henfest for Dori down at the pub. But it wasn't Maxie's pub, where I've seen him occasionally behind the bar listening to old farts coming in for a lager. I doubt he'd know what lasses would even drink on such occasion.

No, we were down at the new hangout, back then. It looks up and coming, but I dunno. A pub is a pub, as far as I'm concerned. And there he was, in Women's loo. Thank god, he wasn't the one throwing up. Still, it makes me cringe at the thought. And yet, he seems to be the best mate and all. Even if he's the silent type.

And there we were, saying nothing. Because, I never know what to say to someone. Especially, when all I can think on  is how to build a new recipe for a cake that would leave you wanting more. Of course, Maxie had that kind of effect on me. Leaving me to want more.


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