Sunday, March 21, 2021

Roman and Dara

 Thanks to Auntie Claire! The date has been set! August it is!

Dara wants a honeymoon in Paris or Rome, but it looks like good old Austin will have to do. Besides, it's hard for Roman to get away and they need to save their funds. 

Still, it's a wedding to plan! & warmer weather on the way!


  1. Parece que hay boda,buen fragmento. Te mando un beso

  2. Is this the same Roman from your other blog? The picture looks like him, what with his (I think you described it as) caramel Afro. Very interesting!

    1. LOL..well, same model..but a different Roman. I dunno..he's Roman to me..hahaha..but in Caitlin and Megan he is a very different Roman with no Dara around. I'm glad somebody noticed...=) Honestly, he is fun to write in the Caitlin and Megan story.


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