Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Love in Time


An unknown writer gets into a contract marriage with a high-ranking officer of an investment company to solve her personal crisis. They happened to be desk mates in school. During their fake marriage, the two begin to slowly understand each other and gradually fall in love.
Honestly, I was surprised to find this C-drama on Viki, but happily so because of Ming Ren in the lead. I am always happy to see him in a drama. In spite of saying this, if I had had anything to do with the plot and story..oh, things would have been happening long before episode 4. To say it's a slow-burn kind of drama..evidently, that's the way most of these dramas go. At some point you are wanting to fan an ember to get things going. Serena Cheng is the Female Lead in this. Cute but almost too cute at times. And the character's friends are more annoying than charming as they are trying to inspire her romance. 

On a special note it's interesting to see what is in a Chinese Romance. Naturally, there are models and rules to follow. From my own experience in writing, I was always told I didn't know how to write a romance. And in my book, that's OK I don't want to write romance. 

Still, just watching Ming Ren is inspiring.



  1. These were my favourite storylines when I read harlequin romances.

  2. Es un chico guapo. Tal vez me anime a verla. Te mando un beso

  3. Ah, the old marriage of convenience suddenly getting real. A classic! I've never seen this movie, or any Chinese romances, but what you say about the friends being more annoying than charming sounds familiar. I guess that rom com trope is universal. By the way, you write wonderful romances! I like that you look at all sides of your characters instead of relying on stereotypes.


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