Monday, April 26, 2021

The Patchwork of our Lives

 Youn Yuh-jung is one of the mainstays of the K-drama world. Usually, she's single in many of her dramas. She is definitely a solo act. I was so happy to find out that she actually has a son who lives in America. I'm proud that she won an Oscar this year. My favorite dramas of hers are DEAR MY FRIEND and NEVER THRICE.

Zong Feng Yan is usually in supporting roles in Martial Arts Chinese dramas. He is quite handsome and is now transitioning into more "Dad" roles. Honestly, he has a certain wit and charm about him. I would definitely watch him as the ML in anything. He makes me think he should be Ma Ray's dad or Neo Hou (Zong played his dad in Psych-Hunter that Hou starred in). But if there was an ever crossover Chinese/Korean drama I would most definitely love to see these two work together.


  1. Very interesting post, didn't know about it!


  2. No los conocía los dos pero me suena genial . Yo tambien cuando pienso en personajes todo actores que quisiera para darles vida. Te mando un beso y eres una genial escritora. Te mando un beso

  3. Although I didn't see Minari, I saw Youn Yuh-jung give her acceptance speech at the Oscars, and it was one of my favorites. She was so witty and full of humor and fun!


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