Friday, April 30, 2021

The story of us

 What was the first thing you liked about your significant other?

RACHEL: He's the whole package (she smiles) of course. I liked his stature. Possibly, a bit oblivious to everything around him, but his smile was quick and oh so cool and I had a feeling we could dance very well together even if I am no dancer, but I can dream, right? JORY: I dunno. (He laughs and then sighs) I really don't. I mean, sure she's got a lot going for her, but the way she moves. Maybe that's what caught my eye. You know, that confidence. (He chuckles more) I was...kind of afraid of her. (He shrugs with a smile). Well, actually I'm still afraid of her. She knows how to keep me..on my toes. (His smile is broad and he nods) Rachel is probably the sexiest woman I know. DAN: Um, I want to say Ivy is the most annoying girl I've met. But..that's not true. I guess, the first time I met her, she was in middle school sitting in her living room in a glammed-up prom dress. And..and it wasn't even prom. I found out from her brother who's a close friend that she'd thrifted the dress and liked to just dress up for no reason. I mean, I did feel kind of sad for her. But then I forgot about it. Fast forward about a decade later and we meet up again and..and she's pregnant. And I begin to think she's really lived life and I haven't. So I guess I envied her. Perhaps. But then she moved in and (he shrugs) she grew on me. I mean, we are so opposites (he sighs) but life is better with her. IVY: Oh, I always knew he was handsome. From the moment I saw him I wished he'd notice me. But then I imagined him being a priest, and then I guessed he was gay. I'd decided there was no chance. Never. But..I've learned..NEVER SAY NEVER. I mean, after all... Dan is generous, he's thrifty, he's kind and I'm thankful he's been there for me. After all this time, I've learned it's real friends who question me, who want the best for me, or the ones who make the best partners. I know that sounds like I've met a lot, but I really haven't. I fall in love easily, but to find your mainstay..well, that's a skill and a lifetime dream of mine.



  1. Me gusto mucho lo que pensaba Ivy mi preferida en esa historia. Te mando un beso

  2. I really enjoy these couples interviews! Having Rachel and Jory tell their story through dance is so nicely symbolic since that's how they met. As for Dan and Ivy, I had no idea that their history went so deep. The thing about Ivy being all dressed up with nowhere to go makes her so vulnerable and lets us see her through Dan's eyes. I like that their differences make them stronger.


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