Saturday, May 1, 2021


 I dunno if I can even tell you what was on my mind at the beginning of the pandemic. All I can say is that I wanted to hurry up and do something. So I did.

Maybe, it was Mojo. I am still surprised she's still with me. She really scared me. She'd fallen off the bed and I just knew it was the end. I really hadn't thought she was so fragile until now. I think of the roads we've walked, the camping trips and the wild game she's chased. When she took a turn for the worst, it got me thinking about time. I was just wasting it.

Sure, I'm employed. I have plenty of outdoors with the kiddies and football, but really was that all there is?

Of course, Ambs was on my mind. 

When I moved, I didn't even tell my parents. Of course, they didn't find it funny. Bailey was a real bugger, you know. She really can be a nuisance. Like, "You're in a relationship, is that it?" She wanted info. Were we sexually active? I can laugh now, but she really put me off. I snapped with my own questions. "And what's going on with you and Tobe's?" 

That hushed her up. 

She kept calling with all these questions. "What's going on? Have you had intercourse yet?" Oh, she really makes my sex life rather thrilling. Here I was worrying about my dear old Mojo. Could she handle it? Moving in with Ambs. We took the spare room. She made the bed her own even if I wished she wouldn't have jumped up on it like she did. 

There was the fear of her jumping on Ambs too, but Mojo did mind her manners. Didn't take a wee anywhere. I think she might have hid some crisps that first week to have a snack while we might be out. Of course, I can't think we went far. Ambs could still work at the cafe then and I made the spare room my office. Checking in on my laptop and mobile.

I really wished we would have saved up the sanitizer back then. As I recall, Ambs had a stash of aloe gel. She made her own sanitizer. Luckily, I found some EVERCLEAR back at the pub. Of course, we only used it for sanitizer.


  1. Uy genial fragmento te mando un beso

  2. The stuff about Mojo is moving, and I'm not even a dog person. I like how Mojo helps the narrator navigate life: "When she took a turn for the worst, it got me thinking about time. I was just wasting it." And the thing about his sister demanding details about his sex life -- it really captures the drama and intrusiveness of families! But the part that rings the truest of all is the hindsight wish to have conserved sanitizer. Last spring, at the beginning of everything, I ordered some bogus (and expensive!) stuff from Amazon in a panic and felt so ill-prepared and stupid. Although things still need to get much better COVID-wise, at least now we can find the real deal!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the real Mojo. It's a lovely tribute to weave her into your story, especially in such a pivotal way.


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