Monday, May 3, 2021

Dog days of summer past

 What do you remember most about Charlie?

CHIP: He was my wingman. He might have been a hairy dog, but he knew how to pick'm. (He laughs rather softly) I mean, he might be gone now, but if it weren't for him I'd never have met Kira that summer. Yeah, I'd taken him to the park. And he just barrels up to her. I was so scared he might do something to her, but no, he just sits so politely and waits for her to pet him. (he chuckles more) Yeah, Kira and I are still together. KIRA: Oh, I miss my Charlie (she's almost in tears) He was such a companion. A lot of times when Chip was at work, we'd hang out watching TV, reading books. Those first walks I went with him solo were wild. (She expresses with her eyes open wide and an open hand gesture). I wasn't very good at walking Charlie, but Chip scolded him enough and I got used to his fast stride. Well, it was that way in the beginning, but over time Charlie got slower. We got engaged and then got married. Oh, that dog took up the whole bed. (She rolls her eyes and then smiles) But I so miss my Charlie


  1. Uy es lindo amas los perros y mas si lo haces en conjunto. Bella entrada Te mando un beso

  2. This is such a bittersweet story about Charlie bringing Chip and Kira together! You can tell that they were a family. It's cute how Chip refers to him as his wingman, and how Kira says that their first walks were wild.


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