Saturday, May 29, 2021

Lockdown Diary


Are you ready for a long hot summer?

MAXIE: If we could get a little camping in, that would be great. But I'm pretty much a homebody these days, even if I am at the center with those wayward footballers. I suppose that's where I will be all of summer. But I can wish. (he smiles) AMBER: I finally..finally..after waiting weeks on in I got my vaccine at the shop. And free too! It really makes me think we need to be insured. Well, at least me. Maxie has it. I just haven't gotten around to looking into it. I know I should, but you know how it is, one less expense to worry about.. Slowly but surely, we should be back to the grind, you know. I think back on the weeks we made pizza crust without yeast. That Max is so inventive. (She winces with a laugh) Some of the time, I was not on board with some of these dishes he'd get ideas about. Gawd, that bloke watches YouTube far too much. (She chuckles) Then, if that wasn't enough, he was recording me, to put on video. (she sighs) he really gave me a panic attack or two. God knows, the last time I've actually been to a real hairdresser. (she points to Maxie) this one has been snipping the ends of my locks, you know.


  1. Great about getting the vaccine!

  2. Genial fragmento y me alegro que estes vacunada

  3. I'm so excited to see Amber's life moving more towards normalcy again!


  4. That's great that Amber got her vaccine! It makes me sad, though, that she has to worry about health insurance, just like so many real people out there. On another note, it was interesting to hear that Maxie cuts her hair -- my husband trims mine too, pandemic or not!


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