Friday, May 28, 2021

Love in the Kitchen


If I watch this again, I am going with no subtitles. I couldn't make sense of the subtitles. But starting the very very tall Xie Bin Bin who was quite lively in this. Cold one moment to his personal cook and hot the next. This is Nie Ze Meng's first movie. 

It deals mainly with a poor little rich boy who is in a love-hate relationship with the girl who works for him. She's always wanted to be a policeman since she was young but feels trapped working for these rich people. Although, she makes amazing food (This is the plus of the film watching her put the meals together). His cousin, a girl who is a bit over the top wants to be a policeman too. And as usual, she gets in a row with the cook about every little thing. And he always puts Meng's character in her place. But as the movie progresses, he just can't live without her even if he's told her to go away after his cousin is kidnapped while on  the cook's watch. 

And from afar you know the cook cares about him. So it's a simple story and once he finds his cousin and has that situated, he finds the cook. By the end, they both get drunk and then out of nowhere things get very whimsical when they take a bike ride (kind of silly, but I kept thinking..oh..that's something else entirely..maybe). I really liked the cinematography of the film. I liked how it brought in the old customs and the modern customs together. It was definitely an interesting film.


  1. Me gustaría verla se ve genial. Te mando un beso

  2. Sounds good! I can't think of another movie where not one but two girls wanted to join the police force, so that's interesting. Also, the whimsical bike ride for the lovers in the end sounds, well, lovely. Even if I hate bike rides! Love the sailor style dress in the pic. :)


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