Monday, May 10, 2021

Steve & Vicki


Is there anything you’ve never told another person before?

VICKI: I might have a personality disorder. Maybe it's my name. You know, half of me is Viki and the other half is Tori for Victoria. I mean, I feel I might as well be a compulsive liar. I used to lie about a lot of things, but it felt more creative than anything else. And then, I wondered if I was lying to myself all along. Maybe I'm not that happy-go-lucky Vicki, after all. But then, I'm not Goth Tori either, who always wanted to be in black. I try not to think about it. I mean, it's only the past. (Vicki shrugs) STEVE: I love kissing. I think about it a lot. You know, how it'll be. (he nurses the corner of his lower lip). But I never do it. I feel like I have to wait, or have no right to that kind of happiness. (Presses lips tight, not sure to go on or not) I have a temper too. I mean, I try not to let it show. I try to always do the right thing. And..and yet it keeps me from finding happiness too. (pushes his fingers through the locks falling forward on his forehead.) I've..I've studied myself a lot. And I..I would really hate to hurt anyone. Still, kissing has to be an art. (Steve smiles) It's just I don't even know if I would be any good at it. And..and I would hate to hurt someone.


  1. I think we often fail to say the important things and it can take us away from people and from ourselves too

  2. Each of us deceives ourselves. Often the most.

  3. Me encanta el personaje Steve. Te mando un beso

  4. These are fascinating secrets and not at all what you'd expect. Because they're rooted in how Vicki and Steve see themselves more than in things they've done. Vicki's split personality issue, right down to her name, is really interesting. And tortured. I hope she finds some peace.

    1. Actually, I wanted to use the name "Vicki" from my favorite place to watch dramas Viki. But I remembered one of the first co-workers I worked with who's name was Victoria. She started out as Tori, but then one day it was, "I want you to call me Vicki from now on. After awhile it would be me asking, "Are you Vicki or Tori today?" It usually depended on her mood. Her goal was to go to film school in New York City, but she soon quit and I don't really know where she went.


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