Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ste & Amira


What were the first 3 weeks of marriage like?

STE: Um, kind of strange. I mean, I had never gone to bed with my best friend. (he winces) I can't recall we ever had a sleepover before. But yeah, that part kind of scared me. Cause, she'd know when I fart and see me in my undies. (he cracks up) I just um..I was just a little nervous, but she was all sweet, you know..and ..well, she likes the lights off too. (Ste smiles) AMIRA: Oh, it was good. (she nods then looks at him and he looks at her as if she's said too much) OH THAT..uh, well I know how he is. Really. (she nods) He's a lot shyer than you'd think. And well, I love him. I do. And just being cozy makes everything better. (she smiles) I am not afraid to be with him. Nor his farts. (She cracks up with laughter.)


  1. linda pareja me gusto conocer más de ellos Te mando un beso

  2. This is pretty much exactly what I'd expect these two to say!
    I hope their intimacy grows and they become less guarded.
    The farts parts are so funny. :)

    1. Well, this kind of goes back to the good old days when I first got together with someone. Of course, he didn't mind farting at all, but then he told me, "I'm glad I feel comfortable farting around you."


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