Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Brick & Slater


Are you Lucky in LOVE?

BRICK: Um, there was a time I thought. I mean, when I was younger, it was so different. It's weird, I felt kind of old then and I was barely 10, but I knew exactly what I wanted. It wasn't a physical thing, just a noble kind of thing. I knew I never wanted to be my Dad. He's gotta be the worst, so you know, I wanted to do the right thing and I thought I knew who I could be, but it feels like ancient history now. And Lily..well, it's finally over. And well..yeah, it's summer and maybe..maybe I'm still lucky. I love my job at the grocery store. I love who found me. (he smiles) She's got the prettiest teeth and I know that sounds dumb, but it's very true. I love her smile. She's fun to talk to and well I can't wait to be close to her cause she just makes my heart beat so fast..it's quite electric (He winces with a smile). SLATER: Maybe..maybe Brick and I have a lot more in common than we know. (Slater nods in thought) I just..I just can't find a love quite like that, anymore (he practically has tears in his eyes) Maybe..maybe if I'm not me I'll find it..you know (he sniffs back a tear yet they shed down his face.) I thought I was so lucky back then to find someone like Jess. And I ruined it (he can barely talk). It's all my fault. It really is. (he nods) I'm trying to be a better person, but you know I'm pretty stupid.


  1. I am having issues with my account now..dang...

  2. Maybe not..just weird about my profile pic though..

  3. uy genial entrada me gustan estos personajes. Te mando un beso

  4. This is a deep one. Brick is so sweet and sensitive, and it's a bittersweet joy to get a glimpse into his soul. But it's Slater who really surprised me. Way to keep peeling that onion!

    In response to your comments, no, my new bucket bag hasn't inspired me to make one of my own. I've tried sewing before, but it's just too exact a craft for me. I did wonder if maybe you were inspired to write Lockdown from visiting or even living in England, though. That's interesting that it's because this project started out as a joint effort with someone from England. It's a shame that that partnership didn't work out, but I can't say that I'm surprised. In high school, a girl in my creative writing class asked me to collaborate on a short story with her, and I hated it. Writing is such a solitary activity; I think that having more than one writer spoils the magic. I'm glad you stuck with this story on your own, though. I've read lots of fiction that takes place in England, and it rings true. Also, the tension of Maxie and Amber not having a baby is a nice complement to their otherwise blissful relationship. As you know so well, storytelling is all about that nuance. I look forward to seeing what happens to these two next!


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