Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Channeling Enid from Ghost world

 I haven't thought about this movie in ages. I watched it so many times. Of course, I would hate a remake, but then I saw her..omg!


  1. No la he visto suena interesante te mando un beso

  2. I've never heard of Ghost World, but breaking up -- and trying to find someone who's a better fit -- is certainly a universal theme. I can see why you'd be torn about a remake -- on the one hand, you never want to see what you love destroyed, but on the other, the opportunity to see more of what you love, in whatever form, is always tempting.

    Thanks for the background on Slater. I can see how his macho man persona is a front, a defense so that he doesn't get hurt. As for British shows and gritty shows, I never watched SKINS, but I do remember it being touted as out there. Lockdown definitely doesn't strike me that way. I like that your other series are set in your own Midwest. I've never been there except one overnight work trip in Chicago, but I've always wondered if it's what I imagine, which is cornfields and old-fashioned charm. My college creative writing prof was from Indiana, and she said that she never knew there were so many stores until she moved to New Jersey. That surprised me; but then, I guess that's because I've never known a world without them. And because we've got lots of corn here in South Jersey too, LOL.


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