Friday, July 29, 2022

Covid Notes


I've been on the fence about mentioning this. But I tested positive for Covid on Monday. I awoke with a kind of bad sore throat at about 3 in the morning on Sunday. I finally got that box open from the library with the Covid tests that had been waiting in the livingroom for me for months. Naturally, I didn't do it right the first time. It came back negative. I punched in the name of the test on YOUTUBE and found how to do it. Why didn't I think this before? Second test. Still negative. Really, I didn't feel so bad. I told my boss, and she asked me to take it again before I went to work that night. I did it before lunch because I didn't want to leave them hanging. POSITIVE.

This sprung a whole new set of events. First work. How long I would be out? Could I take an anti-viral? Which meant more waiting on the phone. The insurance network told me I'd have to go to urgent care. They didn't want me. See your provider. Finally, a bit after lunch the pharmacy calls that I could pick it up in an hour. I had been on the phone with a nurse who has about as much customer service as a drill sergeant. Honestly, I wasn't feeling that bad. But of course, sitting in a hot car waiting for them to bring it out was no fun. I ended up going in and getting it. MASKED UP. 

I'm thankful I'm vaccinated and boosted. I haven't lost my taste. A friend called to tell me how it was when she got it. She couldn't taste anything. "I put hot sauce on my tongue. Nothing, but I sure felt it when I went to the bathroom," she said. I think she just called to cheer me up.

Still, most will get a sore throat. And that was an issue where I craved something warm. Then something cold. Oh, for the love of ice cream! Yes, mashed potatoes in chicken soup are really satisfying. Thankfully, that part is much better now. The worst is getting sleep at night. Especially, when you have a stuffy nose, and drainage in the throat. Yet, I am thankful it hasn't been that bad. I hope I don't get it again.

But my significant other drives a bus for senior citizens and I actually got it from him. He's been more of a baby about this than me. Hopefully, we are both on the mend.


  1. Glad you are on the mend. Everyone's getting it.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. It is a bad disease and hopefully they can combat it better.

  3. It's funny how as long as we've been in this pandemic there's still confusion about who to see when you get it. Urgent care, primary care? I ran into that too. anyway- I hope you're doing well.

  4. Oh, Ellie you've been through it! Learning how to administer your own COVID test sounds intimidating -- thank goodness for YouTube! And your commentary about the bureaucracy involved when seeking COVID care is spot on from everything I know about healthcare -- and that's what makes it so sad. Still, I'm glad you're doing relatively well and that you didn't lose your sense of taste. I imagine that would be disturbing. Although your friend's experience with the hot sauce did make me laugh. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. It isn't always easy to spill about medical stuff, but I bet that reading this has helped other people to feel less alone. I hope you have a complete recovery soon, and that your other half does too.

    By the way, thanks very much for including my orange swirl cone in your collage! Now, of course, I want one. 🍦🍊

  5. I hope you feel better soon and take care


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