Monday, July 18, 2022

Like a vacation

 Actually, I was in search of a movie for our library when I went to Target on a Friday afternoon. From Googling they were supposed to have Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (American version). Someone in our department accidentally got rid of the American version and replaced the disc with the Swedish version. To make the long story short of it, I guess I'll have to order it off Amazon after all. BUT..while I was there I got the last copy of HARRY'S HOUSE (Yeah, I know..I have an old car but that old car has a CD player in it) I was very happy to find it. Definitely Christmas in July! I took my time driving back so I could listen to the CD. It has a great summer vibe to it. At times, I feel like I'm enjoying a fun foreign film. I felt a lot of creativity went into HARRY'S HOUSE. Definitely, my favorite album this year!


  1. Tão bom quando a gente faz estes achados!
    Férias é tudo de bom!

    Boa semana!

  2. Genial descubrimiento. Te mando un beso.

  3. I drive an old car with a CD player in it too! And the few times I venture out, I really enjoy popping in old favorites (last time it was Weezer's blue album, the time before that Talking Heads greatest hits). So, I'm so glad that you found your Christmas in July gift of a new Harry Styles CD -- and that it made the drive back to work a pleasure. Those tunes really do make a difference! :)


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