Monday, August 1, 2022

Hello August!

Oh, it's August and you should be dancing..right? Of course, I thought of Wang Yibo right away! The ultimate dancing with yourself video. 

Although I gotta say..he makes me think of the first time I took the dance floor at the school gym at the Sadie Hawkins' dance my Junior year in high school. It was just an accident that I went with this Sophomore guy who was standing behind me in the school cafeteria lunch line. See, I was asking the guy ahead of me if he would go with me to the dance, but he never looked down and totally ignored me. The other guy possibly noticed. "Sure, I'll go with you." 

Oh, that smiling face. And Wow, did he take the whole gym floor. People moved out of the way. I have a feeling he danced a lot by himself too.

 Oh, Emma..I doubt I would lose any weight, but was shocked that she shared a video about what she eats every day. Yes, noodles, please! But I need to think of roasted green beans and tomatoes instead.

Hwang Bo Reum Byeol is definitely one to be reckoned with when it comes to acting. Although, she might have gotten lost in the crowd in School 2021, but she's grown up since then. 22 and can now scratch off Ultimate Bitch Role on her list. Yet, she made her character memorable in Dear M. At times, yes, I was kind of hoping she was going to win her best friend's boyfriend. It felt that her best friend didn't actually know what Byeol's character was going through. Being with someone so popular who really didn't even have to work hard. Definitely, Byeol has the depth to carry FL roles K-Dramas. Here's to a bright career with many more memorable characters❤️


  1. The wrap looks good.

  2. Oh, this is making my stomach growl!

  3. That's an awesome story about the dance!

  4. August already! Yikes! Hmmmm comfort food!

  5. I loved reading about how Wang Yibo's tunes bring you back to your high school dance. That's such a funny story, the wrong guy responding to your invitation -- and then putting everyone to shame on the dance floor! Classic. I liked learning about Hwang Bo Reum Byeol too. "22 and can now scratch off Ultimate Bitch Role on her list" certainly seems like an accomplishment!


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