Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday Tidbits

 It's always interesting to see just what your better half comes up with when you are semi-isolated while having COVID. Granted he believes since he is Neanderthal is the reason why he didn't get hit hard with COVID. Oh, that's another story..back to the kitchen.

While I will make do with what's in the fridge. I even got around to perfecting my Brookies (Brownie on top/Chocolate chip cookie on bottom). Of course, I did take the easiest of all recipes. Just follow the directions on the back of the package of what I had found at the dollar place, weeks ago. And put the cookie dough on the bottom add the brownie batter on top. Honestly, they cooked perfectly together. And well, I wanted to bake something before the heat wave gets here. And yes, it's been nice to have a treat now and again.

Now of course HE goes for those convenient packaged burritos and meals that can be microwaved. Naturally, he believes I just leave him a mess to clean up. Not always true..but occasionally..I'm not the best domestic goddess around.

Bae Hyun Sung first Drama! While Roh Jeong Eui has been in flash-back stories of dramas since Angel Eyes.

Dear M. Is a college K-drama. Kind of a couple's story. Although, they stay broken up for the most part during the drama. Perhaps a tried and true classic K-drama premise. It bounces back to old school FIRST LOVE to new Girl Drama twists. Naturally, the typical K-drama boy is a newbie just as much as the girl. It's always great to come across what's really happening in South Korean culture -Be Melodramatic (2019). Yet it's still sweet to see those K-dramas of the struggles of a relationship...until you can't take it anymore and you have to drop the drama. But this time, I lasted the whole 12 episodes. Still, it can drag with that premise of..'I've known you for 12 way can I go on a date with you, but if you're up for some Soju after the exam..well HELLO!' Although, the one thread of the story that perturbed me the worst was the girl drama one. I mean, granted she's young, but to be so mad and not trusting your boyfriend over a misunderstanding and to break up with him on his birthday..I dunno..totally immaturity. Then a later story of the new Freshman looking for his FIRST LOVE which meant practically sharing a week's worth of spicy meals with her at an old, kind of had a stalkerish feel to it. Still, this drama did have a fresh outlook on friendships and of course college dating.

                                                                                   Tristan & Liv

What's the worst when it comes to siblings? TRISTAN: Always having to be the big brother. Looking out for her. She really doesn't know how hard life really is. LIV: Always having to give in. He's the BOY in the family. And he gets everything.


  1. Haha brownie cookies sound good. And so does a burrito right now! I've never watched a k- drama, although I do watch a ton of walking videos in S Korea.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your COVID cooking adventures. The brookies sound amazing. And yeah, close quarters will bring on the domestic drama! The husband used to do most of the cooking here, but since the pandemic it shifted to me since I work from home. So it's usually chicken and broccoli one night, pasta and broccoli the next night, and then alternate and repeat until we get to takeout or Friday frozen pizza. Yeah, I'm no domestic goddess either. Thankfully, the husband doesn't seem to mind.

    The show Melodramatic sounds interesting, but I do know what you mean about how manufactured, well, melodrama can be. Maybe trouble isn't always interesting.

    What is interesting is hearing from Tristan and Liv! I must say that I sympathize with Liv.


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