Monday, August 8, 2022



Oh, an ill-fated role play that will never happen. But here goes. I use these face claims in my storyblog. But these are different characters. Somebody couldn't get anyone to join in the role I felt I should. Who knows maybe I'll write something..just because.


Character Name: Rebecca Jean Jenkins

Nicknames: Bex

Faceclaim: Somebody from Forever21

Age (18-29 please): 22

Pronouns:  she/her

Sexual Preference: straight

Hometown: Austin, Texas


Interests (at least 3): crocheting, watching K-dramas and making snacks

Things I’m not good at (at least 3): making a fire, sleeping in a tent and roasting marshmellows

More about me: I am an undeclared major after failing drama 101, I am not sure how I feel about island life. I have divorced parents and my big sister has moved to Germany. I feel a bit alienated. I just wanted to try something on my own. 


Character Name: Boone Mars

Nicknames: Boo

Faceclaim: Bright

Age (18-29 please): 24

Pronouns: he/him

Sexual Preference: straight

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska


Interests (at least 3): fixing things, living off the land, smoking in the heat

Things I’m not good at (at least 3): relationships, intense conversations, body language

More about me: Oh, I just came along cause I thought Bex was interesting. I kind of annoy her more than anything. It kind of makes me smile. I don't know if I'm really boyfriend material.


  1. These are nice, I like how you have little bios for these characters!

  2. Interesting! Have a great day.

  3. I do enjoy these! I wonder how hates-camping Bex and living-off-the-land Boo would fare in a relationship? Something tells me their story just might make for an unforgettable romcom . . .


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