Friday, September 16, 2022

Hanging Threads

 Evidently, this is a new trend. To wear the thready sweater. I just can't see myself in something like this. For one, it's quite expensive and well, I am sure I would pull on the threads or something would. From the dog, the cat to a child. 


On the other hand, the distressed sweater is still popular. For men and women. And it's even gone gothic in some collections. As they say, the more holes the better. Although, I am always looking for a sweater to keep me warm. As well as jeans with out rips. It can be a cold one here in the midwest.


  1. I'd catch it on something. :) But I do like the distressed look.

  2. I noticed that when browsing for clothes online! I would get it caught on something and end up making bigger holes!

  3. Uy esas modas, me sentí vieja. Mirando ese suerte. No es para mi. Te mando un beso.

  4. This is a pass for me too. Although I do like holes in (some of my :) jeans.


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