Tuesday, September 27, 2022

It's a thriller! The Woman in the Library


Or is it?
To some this will be such a witty piece. Lovely descriptions about the Boston Library. Along with all those haunting letters to Hannah. Some will wonder what to make of this from the get-go! Yes, we are set up in the very beginning with the players. But is it enough to keep us going to the last page? Some loved this book. It is a true mystery. But one might wonder what the real mystery is. Of course, some of this might make you ponder. Sure, its during the pandemic and yes, some just can't get where they want to go during hard times (Why not write at the library?) Evidently.  Still, there might be the thought of 'envy' involved in this tale too. 

Oh, you might have to read it anyway..and decide for yourself.


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