Monday, September 26, 2022

Ode to Joy 3's thoughts


Hong (Zhang Hui Wen) really took liberal arts to a new level (well kind of) in Ode to Joy 3. Yes, she was quite righteous in the low-paying job at the magazine she worked for. On the upside, her fashion was quite quirky and I probably could see myself in what she wore.

As the others would whisper to each about Hong, she was a bit stupid. I mean, someone who had graduated from the University would think she would know better, but in her black and white world, she always felt she was right while everyone else was wrong which led to troubles at work. 

Yes, I finally finished the first part of this Chinese drama even if I said I wasn't. But it was good to see a drama about what career women in China face. 

Hong is probably the youngest out of the 5 characters this drama is about. They live on the same floor of a high-rise building called Ode to Joy in Shanghai. And she really shows just how young she is. She was always telling the other roomie that was more her age how awful she was toward her mother. They were always in a fuss, but as the drama progressed Hong was so excited about a Manga writer she knew online. When she got that writer's work in the magazine she worked for, she forgot the practical side of how the author would be paid. She'd never handled 'contracts' before and suddenly, the magazine wouldn't pay the writer which was the beginning of her troubles at work. Then she got mixed up befriending someone who was always getting sloshed and crashing on the couch which did not set well with her roommates.

Worst moments, when she did become scared in situations she would start to cry, practically like a baby. It was so annoying. But I think with this show, the next part will be where this character grows. I hope..anyway. Ode to Joy 4 will be out soon..if it isn't already.

Although, I would have preferred a different cast. I don't know why. Well, I think of some of my favorite Chinese actors in these parts. Although, it's always good to see up-and-coming actors in these shows too. 

I  had watched Wen in Flaming Heart with Simon Gong and knew then I preferred his bromances over romances. There was no chemistry. But then again, hopefully, these actors take away some good acting lessons. If not, I am sure they get enough from fans on social media. Still one wonders if we can't see what the home country fans see.


  1. I loved the tip. I didn't know about this drama. I confess that I love when the theme of the drama is the work environment.

  2. Oh!
    Thanks for your post, I didn't know them but it's very interesting
    Kisses ♥

  3. I'd like to watch more chinese shows. I love the idea of a building called Ode to Joy.

  4. No lo he visto, pero tomo nota. Te mando un beso.

  5. No he visto ese dorama. Pero suena interesante, Tomo nota.

  6. Work woes -- and, of course, coming of age -- always make for a compelling story. Baby tears notwithstanding! 🤣


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