Monday, September 5, 2022

Ode to Joy


Victoria Song, Ding Ding Yi, He Yu, Zhao Yi Qin, Esther Yu, Song Wei Long, He Rui Xian, Ding Yu Xi, and Li Xi Rui

Ode to Joy was one of the first Chinese Dramas I fell in love with. If there is a Sismance out there, it's this series which is based on a manga. The first two seasons were about the same women and their careers and troubles in Shanghai. Naturally, it doted on some sexy guys, scandals yet real friendships of these women who live on the same floor in an upscale apartment building. Two of the career-oriented women have their own place while the younger three are making it on their own together.

Ode to Joy 3 just doesn't have that. Especially, the cast. I would have put Victoria Song in the lead of the sophisticated neighbor who is there for the younger officer workers (seriously Victoria needs a good modern-day drama most of her fun dramas are older and of course, fantasy). With the likes of Ester Yu as the youngster on her way to making it on her own, just to have parents wanting her to go on blind dates. There should be also that hard-working girl making deliveries on her scooter (always a good sign in a Chinese drama!)

Of course, there would be the likes of some handsome fellow by chance of meeting. But Ode to Joy 3 seems to be more prone to making the males seem like imposters or dimwits in their annoying conversations. I dunno it has been hard to get into this drama. I might have to give it up.

In my world, they would be the best of friends back on the apartment floor. While this goes around and around with bickering. One sees the world in black and white and nothing in between. Another is saving her mother by letting her move into an overcrowded apartment and the girl looks down on the fact that her mom could make money as a housekeeper, but that would just be beneath this up-and-coming smarty who teaches ballet on the side.

What have they done to Ode to Joy? It's mediocre at best.


  1. Sigh. Sometimes sequels just aren't what they should be. And no one likes an "up-and-coming smarty". Although I get a kick out of the turn of phrase!


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