Sunday, September 4, 2022

Sunday tidbits


Recently at work, I came across a co-worker's desk and there were all these photos. "Oh, is that your husband?" I asked. She gave me a sheepish look. "I wish." There was a laugh. I just didn't get it. Who is he? And then she explained how great this under-rated actor is. He'd gotten a bit part on Buffy a decade or so ago. And she remembered him since then. Pedro Pascal is from Santiago, Chili. You might know him from the Mandalorian. And a list of action-packed movies (granted they moved so fast you might not have had a chance to get a good look at him.) along with GAME OF THRONES.

What's it like finding you have a 3rd roommate? TRISTAN: A relief, (he smiles) I'm glad Cat isn't living here. I think we can make it work with the 3 of us. Um, Weezer works at the coffee shop. I'm still learning to cook. Classes are starting up. And my job a the zoo. It's great to just have the 3 of us to worry about. NIC: But..but there's Jade and Mona. You know they'll be over for dinner. (Nic looks to Tristan) TRISTAN: They won't be here all the time. They've got their own place. (Tristan shrugs) WEEZER: Well, since I have my sister's room now. (He practically laughs) All is good in the world. I have a place to study and sleep. TRISTAN: Oh, we are going to make you do chores, dude. (Tristan smiles) NIC: Remember guys, we will be having ladies over, so keep the toilet seat down. (Tristan and Weezer both crack up.) Megan & Caitlin

One of our favorite salads for Labor Day or actually any day. Sometimes, this is all one will eat. I know...but they love their marshmallows and fruit❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  1. Gracias por la receta de la ensalada. Me gustaron conocer más d e los personajes y si me gusta el actor del Mandalorian.

  2. I thought that was PEdro when I first glanced at the collage (before I saw the shirt).

    Fun! I bet they'll have a lively time those three.

  3. Yup I know Pedro from Mando and The Great Wall

  4. That's so funny about mistaking this actor for your coworker's husband! I've never heard of him either and very well might have made the same gaffe. It was fun catching up with Weezer and company (yes, keep that toilet seat down, boys!), and ambrosia is a favorite of mine too and one of the few things I make pretty well. Only at Easter, though. I guess I'm one of the marshmallows and fruit fans!


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