Saturday, October 29, 2022

A Face in the Crowd

 It really wasn't my choice to go to the old disco that night. My roommate Joy was supposed to go to Mass in my car, but she never came home and I got word from a friend of a friend that she was at the disco. So I called Karl and there we were on Halloween night. We had no idea it was dress up or anything else. We couldn't even find Joy. 

So we settled down at the bar. I only wanted a cherry coke but the waitress said I looked underage. I was starving. Of course, Karl was all by his lonesome talking about his life with his four-year relationship with somebody from high school. He was no help. 

But I found a fellow named Lex with flowy blond hair who wanted to dance and yeah, he wasn't all that bad on the dance floor, but I was thirsty after dancing a good thirty minutes with him. All the while searching faces for someone familiar. 

I told him I was a Freshman. It wasn't until after he got the cold drink for me that he said, "Me too!" Lex was all grins. He meant high school. I meant college as I watched him drink all sorts of stuff, like rum and coke and blue Hawaiians. There were more high school stories to listen too. I guess I didn't have anything better to do.

But he wanted to dance though, and Karl wouldn't even look my way. Of course, he wasn't looking for Joy who had the keys to my car. Just then I thought I saw a glance of her, but it might have been a David Bowie look-alike for the night. I was just about to go after her, but Lex grabbed my arm.

"You're coming with me," Lex laughed.

"What?" I looked at him wondering if he'd drunk too much.

Thankfully, Romeo was there to the rescue. He was Karl's roommate but also had an army of dudes to back him up at any turn. Which was obviously not Karl's forte. He'd found someone to talk to about his past love.

"Look, you're not going anywhere with my little sister!" Lex shouted over the loud music in sync with the pulsing lit floor.  He knew exactly what Lex was up to. He wanted to take me to a motel room.

Oh, if it wasn't for Romeo I wouldn't have gotten my car keys back from Joy who never did any joyriding after that. I knew who to count on now and it wasn't Karl. 

*Almost a true story. I changed the names. Actually, it felt like a night that last 3 days. 


  1. Some nights are like that... I'm glad it worked out okay.

  2. Uy hay noches así. Te
    mando un beso.

  3. Oh, wow. I wasn't expecting Lex to be a freshman in high school! And then, when he tried to lure our girl off to a motel, well, once again, scary stuff. Glad Romeo came to the rescue! And that the real life version ended up okay -- and gave you something to write about.


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