Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Fiction Tuesday - Love in the time of Serial Killers

 PhD candidate Phoebe Walsh has always been obsessed with true crime. She’s even analyzing the genre in her dissertation—if she can manage to finish writing it. It’s hard to find the time while she spends the summer in Florida, cleaning out her childhood home, dealing with her obnoxiously good-natured younger brother, and grappling with the complicated feelings of mourning a father she hadn’t had a relationship with for years.

It doesn’t help that she’s low-key convinced that her new neighbor, Sam Dennings, is a serial killer (he may dress business casual by day, but at night he’s clearly up to something). It’s not long before Phoebe realizes that Sam might be something much scarier—a genuinely nice guy who can pierce her armor to reach her vulnerable heart.

“I tried to give him a smile, because he looked truly upset that he might’ve hurt me, but I worried it came out more like Wednesday Addams’ attempt to mollify the counselors at Camp Chippewa.”

Phoebe comes from a dysfunctional family so maybe that's where it starts. Not knowing much about love.
After the unexpected death of her father, she comes home to Florida to help her brother sell the house. Of course, she definitely isn't looking for love, or is she?

Some might find Phoebe and her neighbor are the most adorable and quirkiest couple ever.  You just might find something to LOL about.  A perfect October read!


  1. Sounds like a good and gripping read :-D

  2. I've seen this book on Instagram and think it looks intriguing. I love the old-school comic book cover!

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