Wednesday, October 12, 2022

What really makes the best Halloween costume?

 Does this bring back any memories of 2019? Of course, what were you doing for Halloween that year? Many of us are still wondering what really happened in that movie. I have a friend who still wants me to watch it with her, but as of yet she hasn't hog-tied me to watch it. So what's inspiring you this year for a Halloween costume?

Can you think of any characters you would dress up as from any movies?


  1. I am looking for a green tank top for my son's costume I forget the character's name he also will use a basketball as part of the outfit

  2. I like Renaissance- y type costumes maybe something like Princess bride.

  3. Not sure, probably Jill Valetine or Ashley Graham both from the Resident Evil games!

  4. Uy no soy de
    disfrazarme te
    mando un beso.

  5. Believe it not, I always find Halloween costumes a little challenging. Maybe because I "dress up" all the time. But more likely because there are so many expectations. Anyway, I leave it up to the husband, and he always thinks of something good. One year he went as Bob Ross, and I was his happy little tree.

    On another note, I'm with you about avoiding Midsommar.


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