Sunday, November 20, 2022

Brick, Harley & Izzy



So is it the November you thought it would be?

BRICK: The weather hasn't been that awful. I mean we have had random snowflakes but nothing like Upstate New York. (Brick shrugs) I also find I have to spend more time with these two together. (he sighs)

IZZY: Well...well,  Link is working at the grocery store on weekends back in Lincoln. (Izzy looks at him as if she might be in a tizzy.)

BRICK: Yes, leaving Link in Linclon. (He shakes his head) When you guys said we would do things together I thought that meant all of us, I dunno going somewhere..instead of coming to my house.

HARLEY: You know, we are trying to figure out how to get Brooklyn

BRICK: You don't even know what's really going on with Brooklyn and her boyfriend. (He practically scowls as he hugs himself).

IZZY: Well, you keep on playing Gary Newman's ON BROADWAY on the keyboard.

BRICK: That's the only song I know. (He shrugs)

HARLEY: Be quiet (Harley does her best to quiet each of them as they are on the couch sitting and she is in the middle.) We have to think about Brooklyn and her mental health.

BRICK: What kind of intervention are you planning? (He winces as if it might be a kidnapping)

HARLEY: See, we are having some serious talks this November. And we are all better friends and now we just have to be a better friend to Brooklyn. (Harley is even-lipped about it and Izzy gives a nod as if she is on board with it)

IZZY: You guys could come to Lincoln. (she looks at her chipped painted nails). 

BRICK: That's an hour away. (he practically yelps and Harley gives him a look that it is a possibility)

HARLEY: You can get your driver's license anytime now.

(Brick hugs himself harder. It's as if November is depending on him.)


  1. I love it
    I really love it
    Have a nice day ♥

  2. Genial fragmento Me emociono. Te mando un beso.

  3. "Izzy in a tizzy" and "leaving Link in Lincoln" -- love it! You're so clever. Poor Brick, stuck with his ex and his new lady love. No wonder he feels like November is depending on him!

    Thanks so much for including my green heart sweater in the collage! 💚


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