Monday, November 7, 2022

Monday..the November week...


Somehow I survived the weekend. Although, Saturday got really crazy. The phones were down. Ane everytime the phone would update, my computer would go down at work. It was so annoying. And then the very end we have a couple come in right at five...with practically a cart of books to shelve and they were all overdue. I swear I was certain we were being PRANKED. They really had that couple comedic vibe about them. He came off as a very close special needs kind of husband. I felt I saw a lot of those this weekend.

Sunday was better. Calmer. The phones worked. In spite of a time change that kept us all in a yawning lull even if we might have got to sleep in..just a wee bit. Although, the last patron had to talk about politics which I really did not need to hear.

Thank goodness for Jaehyun. I do love his cover of "I like me better with you". And it is a cool video of him on the streets in Paris. 


  1. Sounds like a crazy weekend. I would hate it when poeople come in at the last minute like that...

  2. Genial video. Te mando un beso.

  3. I've probably said this before, but your anecdotes have convinced me that libraries are anything but boring! All of the personalities you encounter alone could fill a book -- if they don't drive you insane first! Still, you seem like you're gifted in dealing with people, which, along with being a book lover, must be invaluable in that line of work. I'm glad Sunday was at least a little calmer!

    The collage is so fun. I heart the top, bangles, and shoes.💖🌈


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