Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sunday tidbits


Just one of my many NanNoWriMo novels that meander for about a month of my life. Honestly, I am still afraid to look through all these pages. I have feeling I would only laugh.

Some of you may know it is NaNoWriMo month. Yeap, that month where you sit down and write a book. You've got a word count of 50,000 words or more to continue so it's like a never-winding road at times.

I have done this in the past. Although, not much really came of it. Oh, one year I thought I would just write one sex scene after another. A sure way not to keep it boring..oh I was so wrong. I was never so tired and well, that's in the trash pile. 

Some find a way of plotting the story out. A beautiful outline. Still, it might not last through the month. My friend did this and I actually lasted longer writing than she did. Oh, those lonesome nights. I think of the time I got up at midnight and started writing on November first. I made sure I got in my word count of at least 2 thousand words that night. Um, garbage. But it is a challenge. I just don't see it as the challenge that I used to force myself into before Thanksgiving.

Now I don't have to create these challenges for myself just to write. I keep writing. It's best to pace yourself and find the right rhythm in your own world.

Somebody was telling me yesterday how there was no time change...that congress had decided..but I can see it didn't happen. At least it's FALL BACK. But I still got up early anyway. I have to be at work by noon.

Last week, after I got off at lunch I decided I would go by the old sandwich place I used to know. It had an ice cream place too. Only now, they discontinued the ice cream part. I guess the fridge was getting old or something. I chatted with a person who worked there. Honestly, I was afraid to say anything to this person at first, but they were chatty and it was a nice talk. So I ate my turkey sub with lots of veg and vinegar and oil. After that, I thought I might see if I could find my friend a birthday gift, but as I was getting in my car I heard this guy yell across the street, "What the hell!" Next thing I know a huge raccoon jumped out of this trucker's truck that was in the back and ran up the hill behind the sandwich shop  like a little bear. Well, it was big enough to be a four year old. I was in total shock. Of course, I still haven't found my friend a present yet. The cosmetics she wanted was definitely not at Wal-Greens.

Do you feel older now after these last few months? CYRUS: I guess I feel more grown up. Although, I still have a lot to learn. But I like learning. (he smiles) And I've learned a lot of Pix, too. She's a good friend. Honestly, she's so many things to me. I'm just glad to know her, be with her, and face the world with her. PIXIE: I have learned a lot from him. (she nods with a smile) I can't think of anyone more genuine. Oh, he's a smarty pants but he likes to take me to the pub quiz, still. (she laughs) I like how far we've come and I look forward to see where we will go in the future, too.


  1. I've thought of doing NaNo but November is just not a good month for me. Even if I get a good start Thanksgiving will come along and there just seems to be stuff going on. Although I could use the motivation I guess since I haven't been writing lately...

    Cyrus and Pixi are fun! :) And that's funny about the coon. I love a good sanwich place!!

  2. Genial sigue escribiendo yo soy re lenta pero segura en mis historias. Adoro Cyrus. Te mando un beso.

  3. I didn't know about the challenge before. Have a great day!

  4. The NaNoWriMo challenge sounds daunting! I like that you tried it but ultimately learned that "it's best to pace yourself and find the right rhythm in your own world." So true! As for your raccoon encounter, it was hilarious -- but also chilling. Wild life is just so -- wild. Finally, the interview with Cyrus and Pixie is beautiful. I love how they're growing together.😍


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