Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Premise: A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.

while sherlock is on painful hiatus, elementary will be its filler. -M

Someone (not me) mentioned seeing a ‘Not Sherlock’ image they’d seen more than enough already. Someone else (me) also mentioned that the image is technically accurate, because no, it’s not a picture of the British TV series Sherlock and that nobody from that series is seen on the poster (unless they’re hidden in the poster because they’re a ninja) That person then mentioned in their tags that they were going to make a counter-poster real quick. Here it is for you. Pretty? No. Gets the point across? I’d like to think so.-spacejawa
So far I really like Johnny’s Sherlock. Not 100% sold on Lucy’s Watson. We’ll see. -queenofbabble
Lucy Liu is possibly the 'straight' man in this show. She is Holmes' companion since he might have a lose screw or something. Simply, she gives the show a woman's touch. Johnny on the other hand is a rather mad Holmes who explains all from time to time. It might take more than one episode to get into this show. Meg
Sherlock Holmes is a timeless character (granada4mysherlockians) Moffat didn’t create him or his story. I appreciate Elementary because it’s another take on a character that Arthur Conan Doyle created, one that is going to be recreated and modernized and readapted. Sometimes the adaptations are gunna suck, sometime’s they’re gunna be great but whenever you’re feeling down, remember Shirly Holmes and that show that was made in the mid-90s where Sherlock Holmes was made into an undercover police dog 
Liking Elementary doesn’t make you any less loyal to BBC-cumberwhore


Erin Edwards said...

What a fun blog! I'm just beginning mine. Take a look maybe we could follow each other!


Chris Ed said...

This show looks really interesting!I want to see some episodes!
Lovely review!

Krystal said...

i would so love this, i love mystery and sherlock!

meg said...

The first episode wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but I think I'll like them together. This Holmes is a little weird.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I absolutely MUST see this show - I LOVE Sherlock Holmes!! :)

ellie said...

He is really quite the actor in this. He's having so much fun!

MOSAMUSE said...

i WILL be watching!