Monday, July 22, 2013

July Movies

Remember that time when i saw a scary movie and didn’t sleep all night and forced my dog to sleep in my room?-celeste

July has a lot to offer this month in movies. While some of us are waiting for those little indie gems, others find popcorn blockbusters in flicks like Pacific Rim and The Conjuring.

 I just arrived home from seeing The Conjuring. I went in expecting some cheesy horror flick attempting to mimic its paranormal predecessors with overly used material and a silly little “clapping" ghost. Man, was I wrong. This movie blew my brains out. The acting, the set design….even the makeup and costuming were amazing! The plot was fast paced and easy to follow, it tied a lot of paranormal phenomena together to create a truly eerie feel. My only criticism would have to be that I wished they had gone a little deeper into the backstory. Other than that I highly recommend seeing this movie. You won’t expect what you’ll see. The makeup artists working on this film were aaamazing, they did a fabulous job. I was honestly scared in a few parts (which is hard to admit because I’m a stone cold horror junky)-black delia

Finally got to see this tonight, was excellent simply because it’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to an evangelion movie, 3D was superb, monster and mechs  were cool,-awkward

Its hard to say if they are completely hits. Although, Pacific Rim is getting a lot of hype for its action while The Conjuring is scary and definitely lives up to what fans want in the horror genre.
"Pacific Rim" provides simple characters, but amazing action.-matt

Of course, some can't resist a Del Toro film. While it looked more like a take off to me of some sort of Transformer film, I was shot down completely on that theory since I new nothing of the video game it was based on. While I'm sure The Conjuring might create a very scary video game, some time in the future.

At least, Pacific Rim gives Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day a chance to shine.Of course, it takes season actors like Patrick Wilson and the wonderful Vera Farmiga to make a horror film believable. Lili Taylor also show fear very well on screen too. And it doesn't hurt to have Ron Livingston along for the ride, too.



Cafe Fashionista said...

The Conjuring looks so freaky!! :/

Anonymous said...

I am not going to The Conjuring. Great cast though.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Some exciting movies!