Monday, July 11, 2022

Remi & Yuki



How did you meet?

Yuki: I had seen Remi around on campus. Actually, before then, when we were in high school, but I was in art and she was in band and well, different circles, you know (she smiles) And then we were in the same dorm. She was quite the party animal while I just watched. (she laughs) I think she was really depressed when we met. She did tell me she hated the fact that she liked girls and well, um I just assumed, you know, to leave it at that. But then we started having lunch together. Mainly on the weekends because she never went home. I have to wonder if she ever ate because she's so skinny. But yeah, we were friends for the longest time. I know there were a lot of promising relationships she would start, but they didn't go anywhere. (she sighs) We were always friends first.

Remi: She's too sweet of a girl, you know. I mean, I feel I used her. Not in a physical way. Just emotionally. I feel kind of sad now that she had to listen to all my shit back then. Really, I'm a miserable sort. We both know that. (Remi shrugs) But I knew of her back in high school. Folks called her a dike back then. I never really thought much of it. I mean, she was never with anyone. Just a loner. And then we met in the dorm one night when I was locked out. She let me in. We had a cup of coffee together. Guess I needed to sober up. Anyway, we've been talking ever since. And she was the first thing right in my life. I was certain I'd mess that up once we got together. I am really a drama queen. (she smiles) She's the opposite. She's been from one Foster Family to the next. Never got adopted. And I have this family who just wants more family or so it seems and I still feel so alone, even in a crowd. But we've got each other now and it's perfect. I can't think of anyone else I would trust my life with.

What was your first impression of each other?

Yuki: She is quite funny. I used to laugh, just thinking about her. She's kind of a thrill-seeker. She doesn't care what others think. Oh, if only I could be a little bit more like her. (she smiles)

Remi: I used to think she might have anger issues. You know, I heard she'd been in some girl fights and I was all "I'd never be around something like that" cause I was certain we'd be fighting all the time. But fast forward a couple of years and it's like 'I was so stupid then'. She's very understanding. Sweet and she'll eat about anything I make.


  1. I enjoyed learning how Yuki and Remi met! It's a really sweet story. And a painful one, with Remi needing to come to terms with being a lesbian and Yuki being bounced around foster homes. It sets a nice foundation for what's going on between them now, with Remi's drinking. I'm interested to see how that plays out.

    Very cool collage. :)

    1. Thanks so much. I had been wanting to write more about these two and their history together.

  2. Es una genial pareja. Te mando un beso.


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