Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sunday tidbits

 It felt like such a short week with a lot of long intervals happening. As in waiting for phone calls or something. Just to find out my insurance won't pay for a certain medication I have been on for quite some time.

 And of course, there is that ongoing thing I am supposed to be doing at work that I'm not quite sure what it is. Especially, when I have a ton of donations to get through. Saying this, there is that variable..many patrons have streaming services. Yet, there are some that don't. Some only choose to watch Hallmark and Christmas shows throughout the year. Sometimes, you do get to know your patrons.  And then there are some, you hope you never see again.

I did have quite a strange experience the other night. I don't think you want to know the details, but I did see him do something. At first, I thought he had his hand in his pocket, but it wasn't. Now I didn't scream anything. After all, he was talking to the children's librarian at the time.  He was also a foreigner and well...I am trying to forget about it.

It's the End of the F*cking World Costume!

September ended on a sour note. A family member got fired from his job. His wife has been in the hospital with another back injury and might have to have surgery soon. Thankfully, he didn't like that job much anyway, but he has to train the new person before he can go. It all had to do with a test that he didn't pass. And he found out later that everyone that worked there cheated on the test.

Romwe's Greengables Collection

Oh, Fairy Cottagecore is a thing! And two of my favorite faceclaims are a part of this affordable fashion scene. Of course, I never thought of Harley and Izzy (Brick's girlfriends) ever being this cozy.


Do you still talk like old friends? Victoria: Oh, he needs me more than ever. (she laughs) Alfie: She's a married woman and all, but she's just Victoria to me. And yeah, she's like a sister I never had.


  1. I love this cottagecore style, it's so magical.

  2. Animo . Te mando un beso y ten una buena semana.

  3. Oh, Ellie! That's absolutely terrible about your medication! I'm outraged on your behalf. People need their medicine and can't afford it without help; why can't insurance companies understand that? Best of luck getting this rectified; you will be in my thoughts.

    The thing about the library patron -- just wow. Talk about an unsafe work environment. I hope he never comes back and agree that it's best to try to forget about it.

    Finally, I'm so sorry about your relative losing his job, and about his wife needing surgery. That really sucks, especially knowing that everyone else cheated to pass the test. The world can be so unfair.

    On a lighter note, I enjoyed the cottagecore looks and your quip about Brick's girlfriends. Your sense of humor never fails to amuse me.

  4. I'm so glad that you were able to get your medication. I hope it's working out.


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